Sunday, March 24, 2013

Winter Yogi’s


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We’ve all been working on getting our Zen on here at the Noel house.  A few times a week I pull out the yoga mat, turn on the Piano Guys and do some down dog.  When the kids are up for it they drag out there mats (some old camping mats) and follow along.  So on this day I thought we would do some headstand prep work.  When we all lined up against the wall to get our feet up in the air the kids decided to show off their youth and flexibility. 

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Power Rangers Can Cook Too!

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So, after reading and reminiscing over old blog posts I’ve decided to re-commit (we’ll hope it lasts).  These photos were taken this winter while we were cooped up inside.  Wesley went through this funny costume phase.  Every day he would don a new costume and take on a new super power for the day.  On this day he was the “red Jungle Fury Power Ranger.”  He does this fun growling noise and dance when he transforms into his Power Ranger animal.  His favorite costume was his Raphael Ninja Turtle outfit.  He wore it to the store one day and we received much attention from everyone.  At the pet store they even took the turtle out of its display case so “Raphael” the Ninja Turtle could hold him.  He doesn’t wear the costume to church, but his teacher has told me he insists on being called “Raphael".  Silly boy…I will miss his crazy antics when he heads to pre-school next year.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Summer 2012---In Photo Review


In my attempt to revive this little blog here is our summer in pictures.


We did some Scouting this summer.  Fishing, Rain Gutter Regatta and 2 days at Camp Tracy.


Here we are on one of our many walks.  Ian would ride his bike, Miles would ride the scooter and Mommy would push around the empty baby jogger after Wesley hopped out and decided to hoof it.  So glad our days with the stroller and jogger are numbered…we are moving on to bigger and better things.  I see bikes for all the boys in our future.


We went to the park…lots.  The Train Park, the Rainbow Slide Park, Skye Park and my favorite Copperton Park.  I read two books while watching the kids swing, climb, slide and build sand castles.

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We used our zoo pass…many times. Miles likes the rhinos, Wessy is still all about the elephants, Ian likes the monkeys, I’m thinking the new polar bear is quite the charmer, Grandpa likes the tigers and Grandma just loves all the time to play with the grandkids. 

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On this day we went to the bird show.  It was most impressive. 

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Grandma and grandpa would always spoil us with ice cream and merry go round rides.Swimming-Awesomness

Inspired by the Summer Olympics the Noel Syncronized Swim Team was formed this summer.  We spent the 4th of July inspired and amazed by their incredible talent and precision.


We all got our Slurpees on 7-11 day.  Nothing like a good brain freeze to cool you off in July.


We had a blast at the Lee family reunion:  Eating Fatboys (thank you Uncle Shawn), stuffing our bellies full of Cache Valley specialties (thank you Mom), playing kickball, laughing at everyone over the age of 30 playing kickball, watching the Mike Lee Family whoop us all in “Minute To Win It” games, and watching all the kids spin and spin on the merry go round thinking we were home free until Claire upchucked all over Mindy.


Love this litte guy.  I started unwrapping this ice cream for him and he just about passed out from excitment…I do think I am now his favorite Aunt.

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Syd and Olivia talking strategy in the outfield.  I should post some of us “older” kids playing…with the Lee big feet and gracefulness we all looked AWESOME!

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Went to Uncle Jake’s and rode the motorcycle.  Jake seriously has the status of a superhero at our house because he owns a motorcycle and use to build rockets.

212 Old West IMG_7062 Old West IMG_6911 Old Westimg_6817 Old West

Participated in this little thing called Trek this summer.  Dressed like a pioneer and took photos to document the journey for 4 days.  It was an great experience both spiritually and creatively. 

So this is how I spent most of my summer.  Training for this little bike ride called LoToJa with my relay partner Nora.  Lots of miles, a few centurys and the “big” race to round out the summer of riding. 


We spent some time with our favorite people…the Mairs.  Lots of running through the sprinklers, riding bikes, chasing chickens, building with legos, and learning to boondoggle.

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Made myself some gluten free chocolate chip cookies…yes this was exciting enough to make it to the blog. And yes they were super yummy even James Mair gave them his stamp of approval.  So of course I ate too many and still felt sick but not gluten fire gut sick; just sugar overdose sick which is much better.

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Me and this little guy celebrated our birthday’s.  While I turned 26… again he decided to move on from the adorable, charming two year old to the terrible, tantrum throwing three year old.  Happy Birthday happy boy!

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Wrapped the summer up with a night at Ruth’s.  The best company (Mairs & the Thurbers), live entertainment (the bike riders going up and down Emmigration Canyon), great food, twinkle lights, and live music.  The perfect end to a fabulous summer.

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Sunday, July 1, 2012

June 22—Popsicles…what color is your favorite?


It is officially too hot to do anything but this….


Let me share some with you.  We have no more blue raspberry or root beer…they are our favorites.  They should make a bag with root beer only.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

April 22—A Proud Moment for this Mom


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I was cleaning up dinner today when I heard the boys in the living room.  I heard repeated “that’s mine” “I want that one.”  Now typically this would be the start of an argument with the two year old in the middle yelling “THAT IS MINE!”  But when I went to see what they were doing this is what I saw.  They were looking through my cycling magazine deciding what they would each like to buy.  So proud of my little cyclist wannabes.

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April 21—From Mozart to Quarterback

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So, he’s Mozart one minute and Steve Young the next.  Ian is back to playing flag football again this year and after the first game he was quickly thrown back into calling plays and passing off the football.  He made two touchdowns on Saturday and made his daddy super proud by running a great “fake out” pass play.  It was fun to watch him play and something the whole family looks forward to on Saturday.  I will say 8 year old football is much more exciting than 8 year old baseball.

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April 19—No More Belly Ache




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Took Miles to the doctor a few days ago for his Kindergarten check up.  Spent some time talking to the doctor about Miles’ always upset stomach and his random need to throw up every once in awhile.  He suggested minimizing his consumption of animal products and getting rid of any processed food.  Ever since I was diagnosed with IBS we have minimized the processed food, but the kids still have store bought bread, cereal, and the snack cupboard is full of fishy crackers.  So, after our visit to the doctor we loaded up on produce and I attempted to make homemade bread.  The bread was a bit of a disaster, but I assume I will get better at it.  Miles has been a good sport.  It was good he listened to the doctor because he keeps reminding me that he can’t have anything out of a box.  We are still working on finding a milk substitute, he doesn’t like rice or almond.  I guess we will try soy next.  I will say since we started this about 5 days ago he hasn’t complained about his stomach.