Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mr. Frosty

On Saturday Ian and I decided to build a snowman. He was most excited about the carrot nose. The last time we went to build a snowman there were no carrots in our house. Now Ian's idea of building a snowman meant running around the yard sticking the carrot in the snow and into the cracks on the willow tree while mommy tried to heave three big snowballs onto each other to make a snowman. He turned out pretty good looking I must say, but the neighbor kids must have been jealous of his good looks and decided to knock him down. Next time we'll build a snowman in the backyard or make a bunch of tiny snowmen that can not be knocked over.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

"It will give you wings"

The other day we were at the store and Ian ran up to me and said, "Mommy come here. We have to buy this stuff." He dragged me down to the end of the aisle to show me some Red Bull energy drinks. "Mommy, this will give me wings. I want wings so I can fly. Please, mommy get me some." Well, talk about effective advertising, although I am guessing their target audience was not a 4 year old who wants to be a super-hero when he grows up.

My New Addiction

A few months ago Nora let me borrow a digital scrapbooking CD of hers. Okay borrow is probably not the right term since I still have the CD, but after a few days of messing around in Photoshop and getting a feel for how it works I was a total addict. I now count the hours until nap time so I can run to the computer and scrap. Here are some of my favorite layouts -- The sad thing is I am so addictied to the creating aspect of this and I haven't printed anything out-I don't ever want to take the time to shrink down and convert files I just want to make more pages! Anyway- thanks for the new hobby Nora!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Look Who's Walking!

So Miles took his first steps! He is so funny about this walking business. He pulls his arms in to his side and pulls his scrunchy funny face whenever he takes a few steps. I think the face is due to him being extremely proud of himself. If he gets as fast walking as he was crawling we will never be able to keep up.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Grandma's Birthday

My Grandma passed away this last summer and today is her birthday. All she ever wanted for her birthday was a phone call (she would always say our inheritance hinged on this birthday phone call). Anyway here is a page I just scrapped about her. She was one of my best friends and easily one of the most influential people in my life. Happy Birthday Grandma. (If you click on the picture it will en-large so you can read it)

Funny Faces

Scrunchy Nose

Snaggle Tooth

Lately we have found a new form of entertainment around our house. Watching Miles pull funny faces. It is hilarious! Ian started it-one day he pulled a face at Miles and Miles did the same face back. Ever since then we have all joined in trying to get the funniest face. The pictures to not do him justice they look like he is crying, but if you can just imagine that after he pulls the face he looks around for people to clap and laugh at him with a big grin on his face. I always thought Ian was a bit of a comedian-it looks like we've got two in our family. Oh, and the one eyetooth on the top makes this face even funnier.

The Artist (formerly known as Ian)

We decided to make some thank-you cards for all the great Christmas gifts we recieved. Ian is quite the little painter so we decided he could paint the cards and then he would dictate to me exactly what he wanted me to write inside. He did a great job after I explained that it wasn't polite to ask for more presents after you said thank you. He is already making big plans for Easter and his Birthday.

Christmas Fun

Miles showing off something Spiderman.

Miles sporting a cute bow (mommy can wish she had a girl)

Red Ranger Ian

Well-here are some pictures from Christmas-Finally. We had a great day and if this Christmas had a theme it would have been Spiderman. There were Spiderman pj's, Spiderman slippers, Spiderman puzzles, and Spiderman books. Ian was so excited about Santa coming and he really liked everything he got. Miles didn't quite know what was going on, but he seemed excited and was happy about the new toys. We spent the day watching Ian run around in his new Power Ranger costume and playing with the new race track. My parents came by with a car load of gifts and then we went to my brother's house for a yummy ham and scalloped potato dinner. It was a good day.