Thursday, June 16, 2011

June 16—Oh What Do You do in the Summertime?

When the wind is blowing and it is in the 60’s…

Summer Workbooks

you do lots of workbooks.  Miles traced and traced until naptime.

Ian Summer Workbooks

Ian plowed his way through an encyclopedia size math workbook.

Summer Workbooks 1

Hopefully tomorrow we will be sitting by the pool, drinking lemonade and watching the clouds go by.

June 15—No Kids, Some Café Rio & Lots of Memories

Roomies 1

Met with these lovely ladies yesterday for lunch.  It has been 18 years since we shared a kitchen, many late nights & lots of laughs.  It was so good to get caught up—it defiantly should become a regular thing.

Roomies 2

(Julie don’t kill me for this one, but I love how happy you both look)

The funny thing is even though it has been eighteen years and I’m sure we have changed in many ways we have all carried so much of who were back then with us today—hopefully the best things.  Maryann is still so strong, artistic, and one of those people that you just are so glad to know and call a friend.   Julie is still sensitive, compassionate and so much fun—I think we could still stay up all night talking and eating brownies.


Thanks for the great lunch and the break from the kids—next time I’ll pull out the photos of us with big hair, oversized shirts and pegged jeans.  Love you both. 

June 2—A Flower for You

Wes with Flower

Look at what Wes brought me the other day.  What a sweetheart!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

June 2—Two Boys in Hats & a Mommy with a Camera

Wes at Park 2

Had a bit of time today so I bribed the boys into dressing up for an impromptu photo session.  Look at little Wesley against that big expanse of sky.  Little dude off to conquer the whole big world.


Miles at Park 2

Miles at Park 5

Miles at Park 6

Miles at Park

Miles loved his old man golf hat and was more than happy to pose with the beautiful flower he picked.

Wes at Park

Wesley on the other had wanted nothing to do with posing—what one year old does.  Did catch this cute one.

Monday, June 13, 2011

May 25—Look Who Gradutated!

Look who has completed one year of preschool.  He is now older and wiser.  He can recognize all of his letters, he can recite the Pledge of Allegiance, he knows most of his sounds and already knows the best part of school is snack time.  Good job buddy and thank you Teacher Lici!

Miles Graduation 1

May 26—It Just Might Be Better Than Grandma’s!

Cinnamon Rolls

So, we had a bit of time free today so Miles and I decided to bake.  We opted for cinnamon rolls because there really is nothing better than hot, gooey, gluteny cinnamon rolls.

Miles w.Cinnamon Rolls 2

A few years ago I discover this fabulous recipe from my friend Amber.  It is fast and oh so good—it might even be better than Grandma’s.  Grandma was famous for her yummy cinnamon rolls, especially at breakfast with a dab of butter melted on the top.  I could never get her recipe to turn out the way she did so when I found this recipe I did a little happy dance—Grandma’s cinnamon rolls but not Grandma’s recipe.

Miles w.Cinnamon Rolls

Miles helped sprinkle cinnamon and spread butter.  He was most excited to be my taste tester since gluten intolerant me would be avoiding the end product.

Cinnamon Rolls 1

The end product was perfect (thanks Amber) and Miles signed off on them being the best cinnamon rolls ever.  After sampling some for an after school snack Ian declared that he wanted a cinnamon roll birthday cake because they were so much better than cake.  There must be some Lee genetic predisposition to love, love, love cinnamon rolls.  When I have grandkids and they come to visit this is what they will get for breakfast complete with a dab of butter on the top.

June 4—Three Boys, a Football & a Few Flags

Ian Football Game

So guess what we have been up to every Saturday morning for the last two months?  No more soccer mom—we have been all about the football—flag that is.  Ian truly loves playing and due to his dad’s love of college football he has some impressive strategy going on for a seven year old.  Last Saturday he went in for the extra point and dived to the pylon arms in feet out—doesn’t work in flag football, but he could have gotten the extra point for the Aggies! 

Miles at Football Game

Miles likes to spend his time during the game eating snacks and running around.  Occasionally he will stop by the sideline and yell, “Go Ian, make a skort!”

Wes at Football Game

Wesley spends the game strapped in the stroller since he found the break in the fence that leads out to a very busy road.  He entertains himself with snacks and pulling the sun shade from the stroller up and down over his head.

Ian has made two touchdowns and three extra points.  He is a great running back, quarter back & kicker—we are going to try basketball in the fall, but for now GO DRAGONS!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

June 1st—Park Day, Finally

Miles at Park 1

Well, it finally warmed up last week and we went to the park.

Miles at Park

Ian was still in school, but Miles and Wesley enjoyed the sun and time outside.

Wes at Park 1

This little guy doesn’t realize he is not as old as the older kids and was all over the playground—making his mommy a bit nervous.  Thank goodness he has no fear and a decent amount of coordination.  He was up and down the slide by himself before I could run over to help and he climbed all over the play jeep shown below.

Wes at Park 2

Wes at Park

So glad summer is finally here and can’t wait for Ian to join us next week.  No more school for 6 weeks!!!