Monday, September 29, 2008

Primary Program--Done

One more thing crossed off the list. Our primary program was yesterday. It went really well, the kids remembered their parts, I have never heard them sing so loud, and the Valiant 11 boys class decided against the dance routine they had tested out on our Saturday practice. It has been a fun, spiritual experience to get it ready--but I am glad it is over! Now we can focus on the Halloween Party, Achievement Days, Priesthood Preview, and what we will sing at the Christmas Party.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Few Pages

I can't get my pages to load into my album at Digital Scrapbook Memories, so here are a few new pages for you all to enjoy.
Fuzzy Wuzzy--Ian's Pet Bug--we kept him for 1 day. I got the idea for the paper with the circle cut out overlaying the bug on Ian's shirt from a layout in a Creating Keepsakes magazine.

Ian's first day of school.

My intense little boy

Miles first birthday. This layout idea was inspired by a template created by A-Z at Digital Scrapbook Memories for a template challenge.


Miles and his funny face.

Miles, Ben, Ian, Paige, and Addie enjoying our regular summer afternoon Popsicle.

I used a variety of products for each of these pages--I usually try to reference the designer/company. If you are interested in where I got anything just ask and I'll look it up.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

To Blog or Not to Blog...

I have been lurking everywhere lately. Still reading blogs, forums, surfing the general web--but not actively participating. It's nice to just sit back and lurk around the internet without trying to think of something interesting to say. But life has been interesting and if any of you are still reading my ramblings--or lack thereof here is what we have been up to lately.
(Sorry for the lack of commenting on my part lately--I'm trying to put my days of lurking behind me.)

On my birthday we drove over to Kamas to see my friends Amber, Marisa, and Nora race in a triatholon. It was so fun to see them all finish and to see how inspiring the whole event was. Check out Amber, Marisa, and Nora's posts to get a more detailed description of events. (Marisa's video of the swim is very entertaining!) After the triathalon we went to Nora's parents cabin and had a birthday BBQ complete with this amazing chocolate truffle tort/cake that Nora made.

Ian started pre-school this month. It is his third year of pre-school and his second year with teacher Lici. He was excited to return and when he came home on his first day the first thing he said was, "I made so many new friends mom." He is such a friendly kid and the excitment he has for everything is contagious.

The first weekend in September we dumped the kids of with Dave's parents and headed up to Logan to be my dad's support team for the Lotoja. The Lotoja is a bike race from Logan, UT to Jackson, WY--all in one day! 1 Day, 3 States, 212 Miles. This was my dad's second race. Last year he made it to Afton, WY before calling it quits. This year he trained harder logging 1,000 + miles on his bike and was ready to finish.

We watched him start the race and then followed him the rest of the day-dishing out egg sandwiches and bananas and the food stations. He pushed as hard as he could and by 8:17 at night--after 14 1/2 hours of riding he pulled into Jackson. He didn't make it to the finish line at Teton Village, but he had rode until he could not go any further (he was a little delirious and dehydrated--and it was really dark) Read my sister's post for a little more detail and most likely better writing.

By the end of the race we had all had a fun, tiring, emotional day. Dad, you are my hero and my inspiration. Thanks for teaching me that if I want to do something to make a plan, get it done, and do your best.
So, just putting this out there--after the triatholon and the Lotoja I decided on a plan. I want to ride in a relay team in the Lotoja before I am 38. I'm training for a 5K right now to get in shape, the next step is to stay in shape and save money for a bike, and then when Miles starts Kindergarten I can start training. I want to be on a 4 man relay team so we can each ride one leg of the race and then all ride the last leg together to cross the finish line. It's a long plan, but I think it is one that can work.

Ian and Miles have been great buddies lately.

On September 11 I took the kids over to the Healing Field. It is a field where they put up one flag for each of the people killed on September 11. It was very moving and a great reminder of what happened and how I felt on that day.

Ian just turned 5! He had a fun party with his friends, and got so many presents I'm going to hide some for Christmas. Here are some pictures from his party.

Blue frosted strawberry cupcakes--the colors of Transformers!

Oh, did I mention this party was saved by Nora. I had some games planned, but the kids did them so fast we had a whole hour left after games, presents, and cake. Nora--aka Miss Nora the pre-school teacher stepped in and rescued us with parachute games, musical chairs, and autobot, autobot, Optimus Prime (duck, duck, goose). Now that 's a true friend to entertain 12 pre-schoolers without pay and only a little ice cream.

My cute nephew Jackson.

Pretty Parachute.