Saturday, November 7, 2009

Look who is 6!!

Ian's birthday was back in September, but I thought everyone should know that he is indead a year older. His birthday was just a few days after I came home from the hospital (the 2nd time) and so I asked Mary and Carole to help out with a little party. Well, if you need a party done right call Aunt Carole! She showed up with a really cool Spiderman cake, a Spiderman pinata and a whole bunch of presents. Ian was in heaven and kept saying, "This is the best birthday ever!" Carole--you had better start planning for the big 7 year party next year! :)

I can't believe it has been six years since we lived in the Avenues and I was itchy itchy allergic to the cute little baby in my belly. Ian was a colicky one, but now he is the best kid. He is such a good helper--the other day he put Miles on time out! He helps me out so much and is definatly my sanity in a world of diapers and two year old tantrums.

This pinata was as tall as Ian! Thanks Uncle Jeff.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Witch Hunt

This is my favorite--the witch airport.

This witch really liked Ian!!

Makin' some brew.

Cute kiddos looking at the witch on a bike--you can just barely see the wheels at the top of the photo.
A few weeks ago we ventured over to Gardner Village to find all of the witches. The kids remembered doing this last year and were so excited. We met Nora and the kids there and had a great time trying to find every witch on the list. Miles thought they were real and was very fascinated with each display. He didn't want anything to do with the witch on the bench. Ian's favorite was the witch riding her bike over the stream--her legs moved and everything! Nora and I both realized that she didn't have any youngins' in the stroller!! She was stroller free--which was probably a good thing because that left two arms to control three toddlers. The weather was great and I've decided Gardner Village is a little bit like having a piece of Star's Hollow (fictional Connecticut town in the TV show Gilmore Girls) in Utah. Ian has already put in a request to go back at Christmas time.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Cute Cousins

Mindy brought the girls down for a quick visit about a month ago. 3 girls + 3 boys = lots of noise and excitment. Dave keeps trying to talk Mindy into trading one boy for one girl. After watching Mindy use two curling irons, lots of hair product and some motherly force to get the hair cute on her three I think I'll stick with the buzz cut boys I have. :)