Sunday, April 22, 2012

April 22—A Proud Moment for this Mom


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I was cleaning up dinner today when I heard the boys in the living room.  I heard repeated “that’s mine” “I want that one.”  Now typically this would be the start of an argument with the two year old in the middle yelling “THAT IS MINE!”  But when I went to see what they were doing this is what I saw.  They were looking through my cycling magazine deciding what they would each like to buy.  So proud of my little cyclist wannabes.

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April 21—From Mozart to Quarterback

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So, he’s Mozart one minute and Steve Young the next.  Ian is back to playing flag football again this year and after the first game he was quickly thrown back into calling plays and passing off the football.  He made two touchdowns on Saturday and made his daddy super proud by running a great “fake out” pass play.  It was fun to watch him play and something the whole family looks forward to on Saturday.  I will say 8 year old football is much more exciting than 8 year old baseball.

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April 19—No More Belly Ache




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Took Miles to the doctor a few days ago for his Kindergarten check up.  Spent some time talking to the doctor about Miles’ always upset stomach and his random need to throw up every once in awhile.  He suggested minimizing his consumption of animal products and getting rid of any processed food.  Ever since I was diagnosed with IBS we have minimized the processed food, but the kids still have store bought bread, cereal, and the snack cupboard is full of fishy crackers.  So, after our visit to the doctor we loaded up on produce and I attempted to make homemade bread.  The bread was a bit of a disaster, but I assume I will get better at it.  Miles has been a good sport.  It was good he listened to the doctor because he keeps reminding me that he can’t have anything out of a box.  We are still working on finding a milk substitute, he doesn’t like rice or almond.  I guess we will try soy next.  I will say since we started this about 5 days ago he hasn’t complained about his stomach. 

April 18—Three Arms & Hairy Armpits



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Miles walked into the kitchen with his shirt like this and said, “mommy look I have three arms!”  Silly boy.  He then proceeded to grab his armpits, dance around the kitchen and sing, “hairy armpits, hairy armpits.”  Wesley and I had a good laugh and then tried to help him get his shirt off (it was not easy).  Thanks for making me laugh every day little guy with the big brown eyes.

April 17—Daddy Time


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Dave was home from work today.  Wesley and Miles decided to take total advantage of their “Daddy Time.”  They read books, played the iPhone, and rode in Daddy’s truck.  Love what a great daddy Dave is an how he takes care of his boys.  Whenever I ask Miles what he wants to be when he grows up he doesn’t say a fireman, or a farmer which I would think were his first picks, nope he says a daddy. 

April 16—Mozart, Beethoven and Ian



Have I mentioned we have our own little Mozart at our house.  I do teach Ian a lesson every once in awhile, but for the most part the kid teaches himself.  A few weeks ago I we started level 3 in his method books.  I assigned him a few songs and now a few weeks later without too much help he has learned the whole book!  Play away little Mozart soon you will pass up your mom and need a new teacher.

April 15—Oatmeal Peanut Butter (because we were out of chocolate chips)



Every Sunday Miles comes home from church and tells us about how much he likes his Primary teacher.  So, today after church we decided to whip up a little treat for her.  Miles wanted chocolate chip, but we were out so we opted for peanut butter, oatmeal.  Miles helped mix and lick.  He was so proud as he carried his little plate a few houses down.  It is so nice as a parent to know that your little boy has someone else to help him learn to love the gospel.  Thanks Sister Schaibel for all your hard work and patience you give to these little ones. 

Saturday, April 14, 2012

April 14—A Run, a Bike & Lots of Fun

This morning we rolled out of bed early, early for the Legacy Duathlon.  My sister Mindy, who is a cross fitter extraordinaire, talked me into riding the bike and volunteered herself for the run.  I don’t run, it hurts.  So, I was more than willing to join her for a relay.  This would be my first official “race.”  I’ve done “rides” before, but no races.  I was pretty nervous especially  with the rain and the new “slick” tires I had just put on my bike.  The weather decided to cooperate though and after setting up the transition station I watched Mindy take off on her run.  The run was suppose to be 3.1 miles, but somehow the mileage had been miscalculated and it was only 2.5 miles.  This made for an interesting transition for us because instead of waiting ready at my bike I was chit chatting with Dave and the kids when Mindy came running into the transition area looking for me.  I started throwing jackets and sweats on the ground while trying to untie my shoes.  It took us 1 minute 19 seconds and I was on the bike.  It was cold, but flat with hardly any wind.  I was hoping to finish around 1 hour 12-13 minutes, but with the recently sprained ankle I knew that might be pushing it.  I made it back in 1 hour 15 minutes jumped of the bike and tagged Mindy out the the transition.  She ran the second leg almost exactly as fast as the first which was so great.  At the finish line they gave her this little card that said we had finished the whole race in 1 hour 6 minutes…dang we were fast or as Ian said later on “someone doesn’t know how to do math.”  The card also pronounced us the winners of the relay division which we were not…a bunch of men on three man teams won.  Such a fun day, and so inspired by my sister who does this kind of thing all the time.  Hope to sign up for more bike races this summer and still crossing my fingers for that LOTOJA relay ticket.

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April 13—An Oldie, but a Goodie


Didn’t take any pics today, but here is a good one from last week when it snowed.  My beautiful peach blossoms didn’t survive the snow very well.  I hope we still get some peaches.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

April 12—Lots of Rain, a Pink Present & Two Rubino Pro Slicks

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My niece Claire recently had a birthday.  Miles just loves Claire and all week he was really concerned about making sure we got her a present.  We went to the store a few days ago and picked out a few things.  Miles kept throwing stuff in the cart that he knew Claire would “just love” or “need.”  He would have bought out the whole Hello Kitty section if he had a wallet full of his own money.  He also told me we had to get pink paper because is was her favorite color.  He picked out the paper and the bow and today we wrapped up Claire’s little present.  So glad my little boy has such cute cousins to spoil.

So, I have a race on Saturday…bike race that is.  My sister and I are competing in a duathlon.  She will run (because I don’t do that) and I will ride (because she doesn’t own a bike).  I am so stoked!  I have never “raced” in anything. I usually just hope to finish or sign up for “rides” where there is no official racing.  My ankle is feeling somewhat better and I figure I will be too excited to notice it on Saturday anyway.  Today I decided to get the bike ready.  Two new tires, cleaned and lubricated chain, and duct tape on my seat bag (the velco snags my expensive shorts). 

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Pray it doesn’t rain on Saturday & hope “slick” doesn’t mean slippery! 

April 11—Lime, Cilantro & Garlic…

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…add to the crock pot with some pork, cook all day, shred, wrap up in lettuce and eat.  Mmmmm…

Dinner has become a complete chore around here lately.  I use to enjoy cooking (maybe that was because I could eat whatever and however much I wanted) now it’s just one more thing to get “done.”  So when I pulled out the crock pot an threw the pork roast in this morning I was actually pretty proud of myself…no cereal and toast for dinner tonight.  It was yummy and I even put the leftovers on top of a salad for lunch. 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

April 10—Play-doh & Candyland




Ian went back to school today and we are back to our morning routine of books, markers, and play-doh.  Our afternoon routine was made up of Candy Land, Connect 4, and play in the sandbox.  Hoping to venture out tomorrow and test out this ankle to make sure it is strong enough for the duathlon on Saturday.

Monday, April 9, 2012

April 9—Sugar Covered Marshmallows, Toothpicks, & a Microwave



What did you do for family home evening tonight?  We decided to joust.


April 8—What Religion is Your Easter Bunny?


We headed up north today for our annual Noel Easter Egg Hunt. 


The kids filled up their baskets with cereal boxes, nuts, raisins, notepads, fishy crackers, cars, and some candy. 


The highlight of Wesley’s day was finding someone smaller than him that he could boss around (Carole and Jeff’s dog Baxter).  For the entire evening Wesley followed Baxter around yelling, “no, no doggie,”  “don’t do that doggie,”  “stop it doggie.”  I guess even the baby of the family needs someone to order around.


Just like every other year Miles was so confused by the real, hard boiled eggs he found in Grandma’s backyard.  “It’s a really egg mommy, look I found a real egg.”  You would think the plastic eggs would be the ones to make his face all confused especially with all the people we know that have their own chickens.

After dinner the conversation turned deep as my husband and my nephew Max tried to figure out what religion the Easter Bunny is.  Max who attends Catholic school told Dave he was for sure Catholic. Cute Max!  Max also led all the boys in a water fight, red rover, and duck, duck, Ben 10 (no goose when it is all boys…only superhero’s or your favorite cartoon character).   029

My gorgeous niece Lola was here to visit and it was so fun to catch up with her…I can’t believe she is old enough to drive!

April 7—A Puke Bucket and a Somewhat Dead Foot

No photo today, just a story and the downfalls of having really big feet.  So, Miles started puking at about 4:00 this afternoon.  We hunkered down, put on some movies and hauled around the puke bucket all afternoon.  He seemed to be feeling better when he went to bed and I sat down to edit some photos on the computer.  At about 9:00 Ian starts screaming that Miles is throwing up.  I jump out of the chair and start sprinting down the hall only to make it about 2 steps before my size 11 foot that has fallen completely asleep decides to fold up right under me.  Dave made it down the hall in time to help Miles hit the bucket, but those peas that were on my back last week are now on my sprained ankle. 

Friday, April 6, 2012

April 6—A Shave & A Haircut

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Woke up today and decided it was time to take some of the shag off of my cute boys.  With the promise of ice cream and the help of Rocky & Bullwinkle they are all sporting cute summer buzz cuts. 

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April 5—Library Day


Since Ian has been off track we have once again made a list of all the fun and exciting activities we were going to do while he was home. And as always something has prevented us from finishing the list.  In October it was croup and high fevers, in January it was the flu, and now my back!  I’m going to quit making the list and see if next time he is out of school we can keep the universe from dishing out whatever it can to squash the “off track fun list.”  We will just be impulsive and spontaneous no planning. 

That brings me to library day.  My back could not handle the zoo, a train ride to grandma’s, or a bike ride, but I could handle the library so off we went with library bag in tow.  We came home with a stack of books, magazines and movies that kept the kids occupied for the rest of the day.


Here is Ian with his library loot.  Oh, and that is not Harry Potter just Ian in his new glasses.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April 4—Walk it Off

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So after nursing the sore back for a few days I called my dad the king of back problems and he told me to “walk/run” it off.  I haven’t ran in years and feared that might lead to more catastrophe than I was already in, so the boys and I opted for the walk instead.  We left an hour before preschool and took the really long way there.  Miles carried his backpack the whole way.  I wish I could say it helped with the back pain, but I think it only served as a good distraction.  More frozen peas and heating pad for me.

April 3—Look What’s Popping

057 copy

Our plum trees are in full bloom and look absolutely beautiful.  The wind was blowing so hard when I took this shot the camera wouldn’t focus on anything for very long, but I love how it turned out. 

April 2—A Little Yoga Practice ==

065 copy

After a great yoga practice and a relaxing-ly long stay in shavasana (corpse pose) I gracefully got up off the floor and threw my back out!  So my companions for the day are pictured above.  The sad thing is this means no bike for at least a week…and my new tire just came in the mail. 

Sunday, April 1, 2012

April 1—A Day of Reading, Rejuvenation, & Rest



In hopes to breath some new life into this some what forgotten little blog I am going to challenge myself to a photo a day for the month of April.  The idea is to not only take the photo, but edit and post it by the end of the day.  So, here is April 1st…


Today we spent the day listening to Conference and taking it easy.  Ian enjoyed Brother Packer’s talk yesterday and the Priesthood Session he attended with Dave last night (he said they told more jokes).  Miles liked filling out his Conference Squares paper, and Daddy enjoyed staying in his pj’s all day.  I liked President Uchtdorf’s talk since I am always telling my kids to “stop it”  I think it is great advice for everyone.  The afternoon session was much easier to enjoy because little Wes was settled in his crib with “phant” and his “mas” book ready for a much needed nap.  This little dude is so cute, but man he wears me out.  Hope you all had a restful Sunday.