Thursday, February 16, 2012

February 14—I Love You & I Like You


Happy (Late) Valentine’s Day to everyone.  Here is Miles with in Monster Box ready to eat all the Valentine’s and treats he will get at his preschool Valentine’s Day party.  Miles may be only 5, but I think he has a jump start on understanding this over commercialized holiday.  When I tuck him into bed at night he always says, “I love you and I like you.”  It makes me smile every night to know he likes me…I know he loves me, but if he still likes me at the end of the day I know we have had a good day.  Happy Valentine’s Day and hope you were able to spend it with those you both love & like.

Friday, February 10, 2012

January 27—Face South


Our house faces south and little did I know when we bought the house that would mean rarely shoveling snow, little direct light through the windows in the summer and lots of sun bathing my living room in the winter.  I love that during the most drab parts of the year if the sun shows its face it lights up most of my house.  The kids will often drag all their toys into the living room so they can sit in the sun and play.  Today We caught the shadow of our Valentine’s Day decorations of the living room carpet.


And here are the hearts Miles and I made taped up to the window.  Happy early Valentine’s and if you can face south for a bit this winter and soak up some sun.

January 20—A Peaceful Illusion


Look at my little whirling dervish conked out right after he filled up his belly with toast and yogurt.  Would you believe that later on this sweet little boy cooked a train in the microwave and colored all over the living room wall with bright orange crayon…of course not.