Saturday, March 31, 2012

March 21—Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my!


Spent the day at the zoo today with Grandma and Grandpa Noel.  Grandpa liked the tigers, Ian was partial to the monkeys, Miles loved the giraffes and Wes is still obsessed with elephants. 

March 20—Off Track Day 2…


Block city complete with the White House and a block playground.



May 19—While Big Brother is Home…




Ian is off track and Wesley is happy!!!

March 17—Let’s Go Fly A Kite


A few weeks ago we went to visit my parents.  My dad told us to bring the kites that he had bought for the kids for their birthday’s.  Who knew my dad had a thing for kites?  He was like a kid on Christmas!  He took the kids outside and stood in the cold wind for quite a while watching those kites sore through the sky.  He is already making plans to make some cranks for the spools and extending the line so he can get the kites up even higher.