Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Olympics (Digital that is)

I've been away from the blogging world for awhile. Digital Scrapbook Memories is having a digital scrapbooking Olympics and I have become slightly obsessed with scrapping and checking their forum for new layouts. Anyway, check out my album here. You might need to be a registered user to view my pages-so sign up-it's a great site, lots of great ideas and fun people.

We have also been loosing sleep every night watching the real Olympics. Ian has been having fun trying to imitate the gymnastics moves and we also have enjoyed the swimming and track and field events. These late nights are catching up with me though and as soon as these Olympics are over I will go to bed at a regular time, but for now go USA!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Just a warning blogger is not liking me right now-so all pictures are in some weird order pre-determined by blogger who has a definite opinion of the order in which things happened on our vacation (the wrong order that is).
Anyway, we made it to the Te-tons/the motherland for our annual trip with the Mair's. It was fun, dirty, cool (temp. that is), relaxing, and rejuvenating. We camped at Colter Bay as always in our Taj Mahal of a tent (8 man tent fits 4 people who bring everything). The weather was perfect and the company was great. Here are a few pics to document the trip. (out of order-thanks blogger)
Ian watching some whistle pig holes in hopes of seeing one stick his little nose out. (Day 3)

The Mair's hiking out to Swan Lake. What a bunch of great hikers we have. Next year 3 miles of switch backs up to Amphitheater Lake! (Day 3)

Miles at Phelps Lake overlook. What are the chances of getting a similar picture every year with an older kid and a higher elevation! (Day 2)

Ian throwing rocks in Jackson Lake. Due to the great snowfall this winter the "pebble" beach was history. The spot were Ian is standing was the largest beach we could find!

Miles in the backpack-he's up for any kind of hike. (Does this kid take a bad picture?)

Ian and Ben in awe of those magnificent mountains. (On our way to Swan Lake-Day 3)

Miles, being Mr. Funny Man during our snack break at Swan Lake. (Day 3)

On Day 4 we breakfasted at the Grill on some delicious pancakes served to us by Dave Michelson on his very last day of work. We then headed north to Yellowstone. The last time we went to Yellowstone Ian threw a screaming fit at Old Faithful and we ended up leaving early catching glimpses of the water spray from the parking lot.

Ian in 2005 at Old Faithful-so happy to see this natural wonder.

We decided to try again. I even suited Miles up in the same outfit Ian had wore to Old Faithful just to get some funny photo's. Well, maybe it's the dino outfit, but you can see what Miles thought of Old Faithful...

Okay, so we have been talking up Old Faithful for 3 years, telling Ian how neat it is and how he missed it because he was having a vacation meltdown. When we got to Old Faithful this time we had about 45 minutes to wait so we wanted to walk around-Ian would have none of this! He wanted us to sit in the scorching high altitude sun with all the other people and wait for 45 whole minutes-no walking around, no relaxing in the shade-we had to sit on a bench and wait. He was not happy with us so vacation meltdown at Old Faithful #2 occurred.

So sad little boy! Well, we sat in the hot sun and Old Faithful went off as scheduled (a little on the late side of course) and Ian was sufficiently impressed. It gets real quite right before the geyser goes off and as soon as the first big spray went up Ian started yelling, "WOW, look mom, it's amazing" there might have even been a cowabunga-everyone around us appreciated his enthusiasm.

After a stinky day in Yellowstone we drove to Carole and Jeff's cabin in Montana on the edge of Hebgen Lake. I immediately started my real vacation (no cooking, no more hauling food around so the bears don't eat it, no more watching the kids thanks to great aunts and uncles, and no more pictures-whoops)

We had a fun time at the cabin-boating, fishing, singing, eating, resting, visiting, crafting, etc... Oh, and we did get attacked by some bats in the wee hours of the morning-apparently they live in the rafters of the cabin.

Here is a pic of Ian in 2005 when we went to the cabin.
Here is Miles washing of all that String Lake dirt.

We were glad to come home to showers and laundry facilities, but we can't wait for next year--maybe just mom, dad and the Death Canyon Trail.