Wednesday, October 26, 2011

October 26—A Toothless Dragon, a Bloodsucker & the Froggie that loved Elephants

After two weeks battling croup we had about 5 days to recover before the stomach flu hit.  It just left yesterday and today we got ready for our annual ward Halloween Party was today.  We spent the day rounding up costumes and cooking chili.  Ian will be a football player on Monday for Trick or Treating, but the uniform he is borrowing has a game on Saturday…so for today he is Toothless the dragon from “How to Train Your Dragon.”  I think he looks so cute (although 8 year old boys don’t want to be cute, I hope he changes his mind and wears it on Monday too.)


(Toothless is not really tooth less, but is tail is missing one side)


Miles opted for the scary and wanted to be a vampire.  Later tonight during the  screaming that took place as I scrubbed his makeup off he declared he would not ever be a vampire again. I guess we’ll pull out the fireman coat from last year.


This little guy has been absolutely obsessed with elephants lately.  So when I say the cute elephant hat and tail at Wal-Mart I thought I had hit the jackpot.  He wouldn’t even wear the hat in the store so I didn’t buy it and thanks to Aunt Mindy’s costume stash he is now a frog that really like “phants.”

**My chili didn’t win, but it was the first one all gone.**

October 18—Reading with Grandma

Reading with Grandma

After some time at Mindy’s we went to stay with Grandma & Grandpa.  Grandma read to the kids before they went to bed one of my favorite books from when I was a kid.  Ian read with her and both Wessy and Miles were clued to the book to see what the fly that went by was running from…do you remember what it was?

October 19—Superman Takes Over the Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch 1

Pumpkin Patch 4

Pumpkin Patch 2

Pumpking Patch 3

Pumpkin Patch

October 18—Indian Food & Some Freckles

Claire Black & White

So after a two week fight against the croup—three trips to the doctor, two trips to instacare, and one trip to the ER we decided to go see Mindy for some down time and Indian Food therapy.  After a lunch of lamb saag and chicken kurma Claire and her cute freckles posed for this shot. 

September 26—Wessy & His “B”

Wessy in Chair

Nothing as cute as a little boy, just woke up, messy hair, cute pjs, and his snuggly, soft blanket or “B.”

September 20—…and Look Who is 8!

Ian's Birthday

Complete with football themed birthday party, face painting, pizza, friends, and red velvet birthday cake…and no photo’s but the one from breakfast.  Happy Birthday big guy—we’ll get more photos on your baptism day.

September 25—One Reason To Love Year Round School

Ian & Wes ReadingIan & Wes Reading 1

One second grader to read books to the two year old all morning long.

Saturday, September 24—Daybreak Lake

Wes by Water Seventies

Another Saturday out and about to check out some photography locations.  After buying some yummy tomatoes at the Herriman Farmers Market we headed over to Daybreak.  I told the kids they could go play at the park after we scouted out Daybreak.  Little did I know there was a sandy beach where once again Wessy would plop his little bum right down in the sand.  And once again I was not prepared.  It was worth the wet behind though, the boys waded and played in the sand for a good 45 minutes and I had to drag them back to the car.  That Wesley loves the sand.  There is now a towel in the back of my car and yes Wes rod home in his diaper.

Saturday, September 17—A Little Bit of Stink, but a Whole Lot of Fun


Okay, it has been awhile.  Ever since Lotoja I have just been stuck in that limbo between post race high and back to the reality of training for the next big day which will be the Legacy duatholon in April.  Mindy my sister will run (thank goodness) and I will ride.  So until then it is spin classes, the trainer, lots of yoga, and hopefully the occasional nice day for a bike ride.

So here are a few posts to catch us up.  Back in September I took the boys out to Saltaire to check out the photo ops.  The lake didn’t stink too bad that day and we only saw one dead bird.  The photo opportunities are great for anyone willing to brave the smell.  My three boys of course did not even notice the smell and were happy to chase bugs and throw stick in the lake for hours.

Saltaire 3

Saltaire 4

Love how Wessy went straight for the dirt and sand.  Look for his sandy little behind in the other photos.  And no his mommy did not bring a towel or even a package of wipes to clean him up before he got into the car.

Saltaire 8

Saltaire 5

Saltaire 7

Guess who the leader of this bunch is?  I just love how you can see Miles and Wes off to follow Ian.  Notice the sandy butt.

Saltaire 11

They are like the Three Musketeers or as Miles says the Three Men in a Tub—Ian’s the Butcher, Miles is the Baker and Wes is the Candlestick maker.