Friday, October 30, 2009

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Maybe because it was Wesley's due date, maybe because it was just a strange date to begin with, but this day would not be normal for me. Here is the story I'm hoping to tell and leave behind so I can stop running worst case scenarios through my head.

After reading a book to Miles I stood up and realized something was wrong. They say you bleed after having a baby, but this was making me nervous. I called the doctor left a message for the nurse and laid down hoping the bleeding would stop. About 1/2 an hour later I felt I needed to figure out what was going on. After standing up I knew I needed to get some help. I called my 1st counselor in a panic and she dropped everything and ran over. After a few more phone calls to neighbors we had the kids taken care of and me in diaper made of 4-5 bath towels and some of Miles' diapers on my way to the hospital.

We met Dave at the ER got checked in and hooked up to two IV's. Finally the ER doctor prescribed some potocin. I knew this is what would happen and was not looking forward to the drugs, but hoped the cramping would stop the bleeding. They admitted me back to the maternity ward and started me on two more cramping medications. The doctor came in and said the blood was pooling and he would have to clean out all the clots (ewww...) He then explained what might happen if the bleeding didn't quit...emergency surgery, DNC, blood transfusions, etc. We were in for a long night.

The bleeding slowed and they loaded me up with percocet, antibiotics, more cramping drugs, and IV fluids. I spent the night feeling like I was having baby #4. The bleeding slowed down and I didn't have to have a transfusion fortunately. The next day was spent trying to get severely anemic me up and out of bed without passing out. I did not pass out, but that was with the help of multiple nurses, a wheel chair, and some time spent with my head between my knees. After a day of practicing up and down I was finally able to make the short journey to the bathroom so they let me go home the next day.

I spent the next week in an anemic daze I think. My mom, my MIL Mary, my sister, my brother Mike, and of course Dave took care of the kids while I either slept or sat around on the couch. I don't think I ventured downstairs for a week.

After a bottle of iron pills and lots of shredded wheat (90% of your daily iron) my blood levels are back up and I'm feeling great. Now I'm just hoping to get Wes sleeping through the night so I can start hitting the gym in the morning.

I could not believe the out pouring of help we received--from meals, to phone calls, babysitting, etc. It was so nice to know we were so well taken care of--thanks to those of you who helped so much. And talk about an opportunity to learn to appreciate the everyday. I'm so glad things turned out the way they did and so grateful for my cute little family of boys.

Now go give blood! Some woman who just had a cute little baby might need it to save her life.

Prince Wesley

He is the cutest little dude ever! Of course his mother would think so and with those big blue eyes of his she is only slightly bias. We have learned one thing about Noel babies--they have lots of hair and big, big eyes!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Miles in the Middle

Ian already had the big brother role down, but now Miles would find himself in the middle. He is such a easy going guy but not being the baby anymore has rocked his world a little bit. He has started having night terrors, he has learned he can boycott his nap and just play with toys in his room instead, and he has finally decided the TV is a good thing. The TV thing was a result of seeing Toy Story for the first time--now we are watching it for the a 100th time, and he has decided to be Buzz Lightyear for Halloween. He is such a cute, good kid and with that smile of his he usually gets his way.

Picking peaches with Grandma. Grandma came to help with the baby and took all of our peaches home to make jam for us!!

First Days Home

Wesley's first few days home are kind of a blur now. Ian instantly fell in love with this little guy wanting to hold him and play with him all the time. Little did he know that babies sleep--a lot. We soon discovered Wes to be our first "typical baby" some what fussy, but mostly content. Ian was our colicky one and Miles was the easiest happiest baby that ever was.

Back to August 29th

Here is Wesley the night he was born. We were watching the kids run around the front yard after a milkshake trip to Arctic Circle when my water broke. We rushed the kids to the neighbors and were off the the hospital. They got us checked in and since there were no contractions to speak of I decided not to get the epidural yet. We waited and the nurse came in and after a quick check I decided it was time for the epidural even though the contractions were not that bad. She said okay--then came back and said after the emergency c-section the anesthesiologist will be right in. As soon as she said this everything started moving real fast. This baby was coming now! I couldn't push because there was no doctor! After what seemed like a long wait the anesthesiologist shows up and informs me I can either have the baby or get a spinal block, well there is still no doctor so we opted for the block (plus I had never planned on doing this without the drugs). Right after the block kicked in the on call doctor and my doctor show up--so we had a room full of people for Wesley's arrival.
He was our biggest baby at 7 lbs 3 oz and he had/has so much hair he might be getting a haircut soon. Come to find out there were 3 emergency c-sections that night and when we left labor and delivery there were women in the waiting room hoping to get a room soon. After a crazy night we were happy to have our little boy here healthy and safe.