Sunday, March 24, 2013

Winter Yogi’s


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We’ve all been working on getting our Zen on here at the Noel house.  A few times a week I pull out the yoga mat, turn on the Piano Guys and do some down dog.  When the kids are up for it they drag out there mats (some old camping mats) and follow along.  So on this day I thought we would do some headstand prep work.  When we all lined up against the wall to get our feet up in the air the kids decided to show off their youth and flexibility. 

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Power Rangers Can Cook Too!

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So, after reading and reminiscing over old blog posts I’ve decided to re-commit (we’ll hope it lasts).  These photos were taken this winter while we were cooped up inside.  Wesley went through this funny costume phase.  Every day he would don a new costume and take on a new super power for the day.  On this day he was the “red Jungle Fury Power Ranger.”  He does this fun growling noise and dance when he transforms into his Power Ranger animal.  His favorite costume was his Raphael Ninja Turtle outfit.  He wore it to the store one day and we received much attention from everyone.  At the pet store they even took the turtle out of its display case so “Raphael” the Ninja Turtle could hold him.  He doesn’t wear the costume to church, but his teacher has told me he insists on being called “Raphael".  Silly boy…I will miss his crazy antics when he heads to pre-school next year.