Sunday, March 13, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday—Animal Cookies, a Little Monkey & a Selfie Shot


1. Vanishing Point

Animal Cookies

Here are some animal cookies vanishing/fading into the distance.

Wes w.Crackers 3

Here is my little man with his cute little grin being the vanishing point of this photo.

2.  Square Crop

Wes Square Crop

Just a square crop of some beautiful baby blues.

3.  “Welcome to the Jungle…”

Monkey Toy 1

“we got fun and games.”  I was singing this song a lot this week as I tried to find something jungle themed.  Came upon this cute little monkey—not too jungle like, more circus—but still cute and fun just like the jungle should be right?!

4.  Under

Self Portrait Soft & Faded

Me standing as close to the sliding glass door as I can under the camera. 

5.  Calm

Wes in Towel

Little one right out of the tub—happy and calm. 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

March 9—A Sick G-ma, Some Markers & a Little Creativity

My Grandma has been recovering from an operation for the last couple of months.  I have been to see her, but she is pretty tired and so we haven’t taken the boys to run circles around her.  We decided a few pictures might brighten her room and hopefully help her mend a little more quickly.

Ian of course went for the superhero motif.  His card read “I hope you fill like a superhero soon!”  Do you see that look of concentration on his face?  I didn’t capture him sticking his tongue out, but when he is really focused on something he sticks the tip of his lounge out—just like his daddy.

Ian Diptych

Miles drew Grandma a tractor with a hay baler.  He talked and talked about the details of his picture—I didn’t get a photo, but it started as two big circles for tires and a rectangle for the tractor cab.  It turned into a page of dark green John Deere green scribbles.  Wes decided to help out too and you can see his creation below.  Of course his mother was amazed at the ability of his little cubby 1 year old fingers that could take the lid off of the marker and click it onto the bottom! 

Wes Marker Diptych

Feel better soon Grandma—We love you oodles!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March 8–A Word From Miles

Miles w.Beads 3

Miles:  “Mommy why your thumb so short.”

Me:  “So I can grab things.”

Miles: “Mommy how you made?”

Me:  “In my mommy’s belly just like you.”

Miles:  “Oh.  I love you.”

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday—Furry Bowling Pins, a Messy Face & a Sneaky Request

Took last week off, but here we are with this weeks scavenger hunt photos.

1. Diptych


Did not know what a diptych was but thanks to Google I think we figured it out.  These are the cutest, furriest bowling pins I have ever seen and when Miles was playing with them the other day I thought they were too cute to not photograph.

2.  Book(s)


I absolutely love to read a good book and here are the books occupying my night stand right now.  Oh, and my Kindle quit working after I took this photo—I’m going to try a reboot and hope it works.  Good thing a regular old book can’t just quit on you.

3. Fill in the Blank

Wes in Crib 4

“When I think about how happy Wesley is in the port-a-crib, I just have to shake my head that it took me this long to set the thing up.”

Just a note—while I was on the phone for 5 minutes the other day he

played in the toilet water

dumped out a bunch of baby powder

emptied on kitchen drawer one item at a time into the kitchen sink

and then moved a chair in front of the fish tank, got the fish net and  tried to catch the fish!

4.  Taste of Italy

Wes Messy Face Lovely and Ethereal

Had spaghetti this week.  As you can tell from Mr. Messy Face it was a total hit.

5.  Reminders

List Fresh & Colorful

Started to make a menu for next week and when I came back to work on it this is what I found.  My oldest boy Ian thought it was a shopping list and decided to add his own items—“Buy Ian a Wii  PS3 with a game called Toy Story 3!”  Silly sneaky boy!


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