Thursday, June 25, 2009

C is for Cookie!

So, it finally warms up and do we go to the pool--no; to the park--no; play outside--no! I decided to bake (what was I thinking). We made a cake for strawberry shortcake and then the boys helped me crank out a huge batch of sugar cookies. Now maybe it's because I've got a handle on the heartburn, maybe it's because the number on the scale just passed the point I was at when I gave birth to Ian, but I felt the need to pig out.

The boys had a great time. A few years ago for Christmas Ian gave me 100 cookie cutters. We pulled them out and I told them to pick whatever they wanted. Ian picked about 10 different cutters, Miles found the train (choo-choo) and that was all he wanted. They turned out yummy and now I feel sick (isn't eating too much part of pregnancy?--the baby wanted it)

yum, yum

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Two Cool Cuts

I said I loved those buzz cuts--well here they are recently shaved and ready for summer.

Of course the sunglasses make them look extra "cool" as Miles said. Although I don't think he knows the sunglasses from the eye doctor are not all to cool.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


All week long while we were at my mom's Ian kept asking to see the bees. My dad has been a beekeeper for awhile, but for the last few years he has not had any hives. Recently he bought back two of his old hives and is back in the business. Now this has the grand kids excited because they can wear the bee suit out with Grandpa to look and the bees, it has me excited because it means lots of honey!! Honey candy, honey rolls, and lots of pb& honey sandwiches--mmmm...

So, the whole time we were visiting my mom Ian kept asking if he could put on the bee suit and go look at the bees. We kept telling him he would have to wait until Grandpa came home. Everyday he would go look at the bee suits and venture out as close as he dared towards the hives. Finally on Saturday when Grandpa was back they put on the suits and headed out to take a look. (Here are a few pics--I finally had a camera!)

Look at all the bees!

My dad tried to find the queen for Ian to see, but she was hiding.

Ian with some honeycomb.

Getting ready.

Me with my little beekeeper.

The little beekeeper with Miles.

Big alien, Little alien. (The bee suits do look like space suits of some sort)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lovin' This Weather!!!

Every day of cool weather means one less extremely hot, cranky pregnant lady at this house. Maybe we should move to Washington because I am just lovin' this!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Highlights from a week with Grandma

Last week Dave headed north for a week at the Climber's Ranch. This has become a yearly tradition in which my dad joins him as they help prepare the ranch for the summer. We have learned life without daddy is no fun so we usually go spend the week with Grandma Leslie who is home alone as well. Here are a few highlights from this year's stay (no pictures I forgot the camera and my mom was cameraless as well)

*Hot Dog roast with cousins
*Playing with the big toy tractors in the garden
*Taking the dog on a walk through the field (only a few mosquito bites)
*Shopping with Grandma--hit the big sell at Bath & Body
*Going to Willow Park with the boys and seeing a peacock fly at Miles' head--and then seeing Miles want to chase the peacock around the park
*The kids yelling "clock, clock" everytime my Grandma Lee's Grandfather clock would chime
*Cotton, cotton everywhere--who knew it could snow in June
*Playing in the park with cousins
*Mindy making psookies (sp) really big cookie in a skillet...yum!
*Lots of great cool weather and some tremendous thunderstorms
*Visiting the Munk's farm--Miles liked the baby cows and is still talking about the tractor even though it made him cry
--Ian liked the tractor ride Jerry took him on and has now decided Jerry is his best friend
*Grandma made cute little folders for each of the boys and would work on their speech with them every night--it was so cute and now they will do it at home because Grandma made it cool. Miles says "do words, do words--get points." Hopefully his speech will improve a bit.
*Having someone to help with the meals, the laundry, the baths, the clean up.

Thanks mom we had a great week. Maybe next year you can come stay with us since Ian will be in school.