Monday, July 13, 2009

"I Love to See the Temple"

A few weeks ago we went to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple open house. It was a neat experience to be able to take the boys through the temple. They both were really excited about going. Ian has been learning and hearing about it in Primary and Miles just likes temples. During the video every time they showed a picture of a temple Miles would yell "temple, temple."

Ian liked it so much he didn't want to leave--he has decided he wants to live at the temple.

It was a gorgeous night. Dave and I have both spent some time volunteering at the open house. I am excited that we are in this new temple district and feel so blessed to have so many temples close by.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Quick Trip to See the Fam (Syd's Big Day/Nothing Like a Root Beer Freeze/Barf Buddies)

The boys and I ran up to Logan on Friday for a quick trip to see cousin Sydney baptized. Friday afternoon was spent playing with Jackson and Cooper, talking a walk in the field with Grandpa, digging in the dirt, and gulping down Grandma's yummy Root Beer Freezes. My mom just got these cute glasses from my Grandma Lee's house and one tradition that Grandma Lee always had with the grand kids was to make root beer floats. Well, Grandma Leslie decided to carry on the tradition glasses and all--my kids were big fans and she even made me one (in a much bigger glass I might add). What would we do without Grandma's!

Miles calls root beer "Daddy Juice" because his daddy likes it so much. He was especially excited to slurp down this special stuff.

This is my niece Claire. Or course she is the cutest little thing I have seen--big blue eyes, gorgeous dark hair, cute chubby cheeks. Well, she doesn't like me at all the little stinker-whenever I hold her or try to touch her she screams and you can tell from this expression she's not all too pleased to see me.

Here is Syd with mom and dad on her big day. I can't believe she is eight already. Syd is such a cool kid, always happy, polite, helpful, kind of crazy, a total tomboy she always does her own thing and we all love her for it! Congratulations on your baptism Syd.

This picture deserves it's own post, but I'll try to sum it up. Miles gets sick every time we go visit my parents! Why--who knows, any ideas? He acts very tired, says his legs hurt, gets a fever of 103, pukes, takes a nap and wakes up pale faced and all talkative. It has happened the last three times we have visited. He gets so hot and sick and then he talks his head off about the tractors in the field, the little piggies on his feet, and all the new colors he learned while sleeping off his fever. We are going up next weekend for a reunion--I'm taking a thermometer, IB, Tylenol, and a puke bucket with Miles name on it just to keep at Grandma's.
Oh, and this time he puked all over Mindy! She was a great sport and declared him her barf buddy.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Our 4th of July in Pictures

Here is a quick photo journal of our 4th of July activities.

Bright and early we went to the Murray Parade. Here is Ian with his candy sack--we have enough taffy to last us until Christmas.

Miles--happy to be waving that flag, so patriotic. (oh, and check out the cute scrunched up nose--it's his signature "I'm so cute take a picture of me" face.

Waiting for the parade to start with the Mair clan.

After a much needed afternoon nap we all headed up to Grandma and Grandpa Noel's for a BBQ and to see the fireworks. Here is Miles showing me the only thing he ate--a dill pickle.

After the BBQ we headed over to the park for a concert and fireworks. Of course we had to hit the playground first. Here is Ian showing his skinny belly and his strong muscles.

Here is Miles on the digger--once again scrunching up that nose!

Here is Ian jammin' out to some of the tunes before the fireworks.

Miles happy as ever--that is until the fireworks started. He cried and was so scared he just fell asleep! Poor little guy he sure hates loud noises.

Thanks to Grandma we had bubbles to keep the kids busy before it got dark.
What a great day, and a great way to celebrate the fabulous country we live in. Happy Independence Day!