Friday, April 8, 2011

March 20-27—“Come Sail Away!”


Okay—here it is, finally our vacation in retrospect.  I’ll tell you right now there will be lots and lots of photos and much story telling so go forward at your own risk.

We left home on a stormy morning and rode a rollercoaster of a plane ride into Long Beach, CA.  I walked off the plane just glad my complementary water and nuts had stayed in my belly.  We walked into the hurricane like Long Beach weather glad to get some fresh air, but a little thrown off by the lack of a jet way.  After getting our luggage we were off to the boat.  We soon learned that California is not equipped to handle this kind of weather—after standing in the wind and rain for 45 minutes we finally made it inside the dome.  Two more hours and we were finally on the boat.  Due to the wind only 10 people at a time were being allowed to cross the gangway---when we crossed the wind was blowing little kids into the side of the gangway and the lady in front of me in high heels was really tottering around.



So tired, but happy to be inside.  Here is the covered pool area.  The retractable roof was so great given the bad weather.  We spent a lot of time relaxing in these lawn chairs listening to the reggae band and watching March Madness.


Our departure was delayed due to the 40-50 mph winds and we missed one whole day in Cabo.  We were so glad on day two when we were far enough south to finally see the sun!


Day three we woke up to beautiful Cabo San Lucas’ gorgeous weather and amazing beaches.  We tendered off the boat and got on another boat to go snorkeling and sea kayaking.  The kayaking was fun and water phobic me was so glad I survived the snorkel without a panic attack.  We didn’t see a lot while snorkeling, but I really enjoyed it and can’t wait to try it again. 

Cabo Arch 1

After the snorkel we decided to take a water taxi out to “Lover’s Beach” at the tip of the Baja peninsula.  Did you know when you ride a water taxi to a beach without a dock you throw your stuff to some dudes on the beach and then try to jump off the boat while it is riding the waves in and out towards the beach?  I will just say we were more prepared for the return trip—having backed everything into our backpacks, stripped down to our swimsuits and ready to run at the boat when the waves were in our favor.

Lover's Beach 4

The beach was easily the most beautiful beach I have ever been too.  One side faces the Sea of Cortez and the other side known as “Divorce Beach” faces the Pacific.  The granite cliffs were amazing and Dave was mapping out climbing routes in his head.  The sand was like micro polished granite-no dirt just silky smooth warm sand and I was more than happy to lay down my winterized body and soak up some rays.

Divorce Beach

The waves on Divorce Beach were crazy and while we were there two people taking pictures were washed out by a wave that came way up on the beach.  About eight people jumped in to save them (see the tiny heads bobbing).  The coast guard came around to rescue them and you can see the people on shore waving to the people to swim out to the coast guard boat and away from the washing machine riptides.  I think everyone was okay-but talk about scary.

Lover's Beach 2

Lover's Beach 3

Really could have used that extra day in Cabo to just sit on this beach and soak up some more sun.

Lover's Beach w.Cruise Ship

Our ship the Splendor.  There were three cruise ships docked in Cabo that day.

Puerto Arch 1

Spent the next day exploring old town Puerto Vallarta. 

Sand Scultptures

Amazing sand sculptures on boardwalk.


Cathedral in town center.

Eaves in Puerto

Dave said the city reminded him of Barcelona.  Cobblestone streets, crazy driving, Spanish architecture, street vendors and tropical gardens.

Dave's friend recommended this quaint little restaurant where we had some great Mexican food for lunch.



After a day of walking, sightseeing, photographing, and haggling we we felt like the “gringo’s” that we were.


After two more lazy days on the boat and a dose of dramamine to bring us back to the bad weather of Long Beach we were on our way back home.

It was an amazing trip and I could write 10 more posts just about the food, the amazing service on the boat—gluten free chocolate melting cake, trying to run on a treadmill while on a boat, the yoga instructor who made my day, the funny Vegas like shows, the skinny guy who was always singing karaoke, the jellyfish sting I got, the great people we ate dinner with every night, the amazing servers and stewards, the all you can eat frozen yogurt, the chocolate buffet, the silly cruise director and the fabulous piano player who entertained us every night.

Toes in Sand

Now we are home and I’m training my kids how to speak in foreign accents, make gluten free food for me, fold towels into crazy animals and play classic rock on the piano so I can still feel like I am on vacation.

Towel Elephant

Sunday, April 3, 2011

April 3—Scavenger Hunt Sunday (The Ocean, a Tropical Flower & One Little Boy in Stripes)


1.  High Key

Miles with Stripy Black & White

I did not know what high key photography was, but after some Googling I think this photo will work.  Love those big brown eyes!

2.  Bedroom


There it is no explanation needed.  Oh, this might have worked for stripes too!

3. Something Tiny


Okay, the flower itself is not tiny, but those little round things are.  We were in Puerto Vallarta on a cruise and it was so nice to enjoy the warm air, the ocean, and the tropical foliage.  It was also great to be able to finally use a small enough ISO that I could get a great close up shot.  Can’t wait for that sun to find me here—we woke up to about a foot of snow on the ground this morning.

4.  Off in the Distance

Sunset on Ocean

There is that beautiful sun setting off in the distance over the Pacific.

5. Stripes

Wesley in Crib Lusturous Pop

Wesley loves his jail cell stripes.  The crib and the play pen are mommy’s favorite spots for this little tasmanian devil.


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