Friday, February 22, 2008

Catching up

I haven't posted for awhile-so here is what we have been up to in February.

This is the day after the huge snow storm. Dave had to get up twice and shovel in the middle of the night and I shoveled once the next day. It made me feel like I was living in Jackson again. Can I just say I love the all wheel drive Volvo that Dave got me last year! I have not fears of getting stuck. Here are Ian and Ben playing in the big piles of snow by the driveway. Heaving the snow up and over the huge piles that were already there was the hard part.

Some of our time in February was spent eating snow. Mmmmm...according to Ian-although he did tell me to stay away from anything that wasn't white.

We made snow angels in the front yard with Ben. He was such a pro at making the perfect angel-of course he is an angel so nothing less would be expected! Thanks for the fun time Ben!
Valentine's Day

Who knew-or who had forgotten how much fun it is to make a Valentine's Day box. Ian's was of course not pink, but green and turtle covered.

Ninja Ian proud of his completed project. Did all you parents out there know that Valentine's Day is now almost the equivalent of Halloween! Ian came home with a box full of treats-enough to rival his Halloween collection.

Here is Mr. Happy in the tub. He has been his usual pleasant, happy going self lately. He did get pink eye a few weeks ago-poor kid-he was Mr. Grouchy for awhile.


Dave also took some time of work this past week. He has a whole bunch of vacation time saved up, but our budget doesn't allow us to go somewhere exotic every time he takes time off -so we just hunkered down at the house and had fun spending time with daddy. Here is Ian playing "Spiderman & Dr. Oc" with Dave. Here Dr. Oc (Dave) is tying up Spiderman(Ian of course) with his own web!

Ian getting a free ride around the house.

We were able to go a few places over Dave's vacation. On Saturday my cousin Lindsey was married in the Manti Temple. We met my parents in Spanish Fork at my Grandpa Lee's and rode down to Manti with them. I had never been to Manti before and it was a fun trip. The temple was beautiful and after they had their wedding luncheon at the Ephraim Social Hall. A whole day without the kids! Thanks Uncle Mike and Aunt Kate for babysitting.
On President's Day we went skiing at Little Beaver up Logan Canyon. I love skiing at Beaver because I don't feel like skiing wanna-be. There are a lot of great intermediate runs and I can even ski some of the black runs (but only at Beaver) so I can feel like a hot shot on the slopes for at least one day. It was the perfect ski day-for me anyway. Sunny skies and lots of groomed runs. I really need to learn to ski powder, but when you only go once a year that doesn't happen. After about 3 runs my legs were rubber, but we skied right up until closing time.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

...Zombie cats dancing around a fire.

Okay-this post is goint to require some explanation.
Years ago when I worked in the Teton's my dad would write me letters. He was a great pen pal he would write every week and my sister and I (along with a loyal band of dedicated readers) would look forward to his letters. At the top of each letter was this letterhead that he had created on the computer. He had drawn a picture of the Tetons using some primitive program on the computer and then below he typed "Go to the mountians there you will find..." (This is where the quote in my blog header came from.) Each week he would finish the quote with something funny, witty, or just plain wacky-depending on his mood. When he saw my new blog header he e-mailed me the following--"Go to the mountians there you will find zombie cats dancing around a fire." So dad here are some zombie cats just for you.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

All about me

I just did this tag and realized I had changed the 10 year to 9 years ago and the 5 years to 4 years ago! I can't even do simple math-I think I lose brain cells with each child. Well, what I was doing 9 and 4 years ago is much more interesting then 10 and 5 years ago so I'm going to leave it.

I love reading other people's tags and I realize my blog is almost completly to brag about my ultra-cute and charming kids so here is some info. about me. Thanks Julie-this will make for a great personal history scrap.

1. The best thing you cooked this week. I don't cook any more. I just pull something out of the freezer-defrost and eat! I'm part of a cook for a day group. We get together once a month and exchange 10 freezer meals amoungst us. The meals are for families of six and my kids are like little birds when they eat, so the food lasts us all month! The chicken fajitas were really good this month as well as the indian fry bread. :P Yum, yum!

2. If money, time, and babysitting were no object, where would you go and who with?
I would love to go to Tibet and go treking in the Himalayan Mountains. Of course I would want to go with my one and only-Dave.

3. When was the last time you cried? I'm not a big criier (is that a word?). Except for after I have babies then it is like the dam has broke and the water works don't stop until some hormone shots or medication come into play. I did shed a few though while watching Pres. Hinckley's funeral. I was very touched when the family walked in behind the casket and the 12 apostles were lined up on both sides of the entryway-almost like they were protecting and watching out for Pres. Hinckley's family.

4. 5 things you were doing 9 years ago.
1. Living in a studio apartment in Jackson, WY.
2. Working in a day care run by the school district hoping to get a teaching job in Jackson.
3. Cross country skiing as much as possible.
4. Hanging out with the two Lindas (Gunther and Whittington) Talk about the best friends anyone could ask for and they have the same name!
5. Eating at Betty Rocks a lot (great little sandwich place in Jackson)

5. 5 things you were doing 4 years ago. (Ian was about 3 months old and suffered from the worst colic ever!)
1. Hoping Ian would sleep through the night before he turned 13.
2. Hoping Ian would stop crying before I went crazy.
3. Trying to sleep whenever Ian decided to snooze.
4. We would go over the Nora and James house every Thursday night for dinner-it was a great escape and Ian was always an angel.
5. Even though I was sleep deprived and teary-I though my baby boy was the cutest, most handsome, and most amazing thing ever-I spent a lot of time just doting on him.

6. 5 things you were doing 1 year ago.
1. Nursing (a lot)
2. Doting on baby number 2- who was just as cute and handsome as the first, but didn't cry and slept through the night at 8 weeks!
3. Teaching piano lessons.
4. Primary Secratary (little did I know where this would lead)
5. Eating a lot (nursing makes me ravenous)

7. 7 of your favorite hobbies
1. Digital Scrapbooking
2. Reading
3. Backpacking
4. Gardening
5. Cleaning and Organizing (yes I do enjoy it)
6. Decorating my house (when the budget allows)
7. Baking/Cooking

8. 5 favorite foods
1. Cafe Rio Salad
2. Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies
3. Cake (almost any kind-homemade-no nuts-and extra frosting)
4. Tomato sandwiches on white bread with tomatoes right out of the garden
5. Homemade rolls (cinnamon, honey pull apart, orange--any baked good)

9. 5 places you have been.
1. Catalina Island
2. Washington DC
3. Chicago
4. San Fansisco
5. Disneyland!
(some day I will leave the country)

10. 5 favorite memories.
1. Vacations with family when growing up.
2. Teton summers (94-99)
3. Being Married-just in general I don't remember the sealing all that well, but I love being married.
4. Kid 1 and Kid 2 were pretty great
5. Backpacking with Dave-no phones, no kids, no work, no church...just us and the trail!

Okay-there is no spell check and I inherited the Lee spelling gene (those who know Grandma Lee know what I mean) so don't judge me by the spelling please. Oh, and Stephanie-tag your it!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Let it Snow!

I know most people are probably ready for spring after all the snow we've been having lately, but I have been so excited to actually have a winter and not just the inversion crud that we usually have. It reminds me of when I lived in Jackson and every night it would snow and then you would wake up to a glorious snow covered world with bright blue sunny skies! I don't get to ski like I did in Jackson-having a 14 month old and a 4 year old put a quick hault to that, but I have loved having all this snow. Our house faces south and when the sun comes up on those sunny days our living room and front bedrooms are just bathed in sunshine. Here are some pictures of Ian curled up in his blankies while soaking in the sun, he's like a cat finding the warmest corner of the house to take a nap. Anyway-let it snow it will be scorching hot before we know it.