Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas--Noel Style

Well, Christmas definitely found us! Ian has been begging for superhero costumes all year long--I thought I would hit the jackpot after Halloween, but all I could find were Hannah Montana I decided I would sew him some costumes. Save a little money, and hopefully come up with some better looking more durable alternatives. I also decided that the boys needed blankets for their beds so why not sew them some blankets?! Well, I'll tell you why not--I don't sew, it is not fast, I dislike using a pattern, I refuse to unpick anything, and I barely have a working knowledge of my sewing machine. Everything turned out cute and I only broke 2 needles, but I haven't gone to bed before midnight in awhile, the Primary in our ward has been neglected, dinner is always last minute, my children have memorized the schedule of programs on get the idea. Anyway we did have a fabulous Christmas and I apologize for no neighbor gifts, no Christmas cards, no blogging, no e-mailing, no facebook year I am not sewing anything!

Thanks to Miss Nora we made some cute candy houses before Christmas.

Here is Ian with his creation. He has now declared that Christmas is over we may eat the house!

PJ's thanks to Grandma & Grandpa Noel--slippers thanks to Santa. Aren't they the cutest? Miles wants to wear them everywhere--today I made his wear his shoes because we were going to be outside, but he carried the slippers around in a Walmart sack.

Ian & Miles tearing into another gift. They both were so cute and excited about everything. Miles kept thinking every present was a "choo-choo" or a "car".

Santa brought Ian this mask to go with his homemade Hulk costume. Very cool for a 5 year old boy--kind of freaky for his mother.

Here is macho Miles with his cars jammies, slippers, and his macho pink bink. (It is the only one he hasn't lost)

Ian with one of my sewing projects. Santa brought matching gloves and he already has a Batman mask.

Yea! Finally a "choo-choo."
The costumes and trains have kept them busy for the last week--I'm hoping the novelty doesn't wear off too soon.
We spent Christmas Eve and the Noel's complete with great food, bell ringing, a nativity production, and lots of fun. On Christmas day I cooked my first turkey and thanks to the snow we were able to eat it with the snowed in Mair family. Nora whipped up some potatoes and a yummy pumpkin roll--it was a meal to remember. (Ian kept saying he hoped the neighbors dog would eat our turkey so we could have a Christmas like Ralphie in "A Christmas Story")
The sweetest moment of the day came when Ian come to me crying because he was sad that Grandma Lee was missing out on Christmas. After a talk we decided she was having the best Christmas because she see her whole family having their Christmas'. And she must be smiling because she is still passing out presents--before she passed away she decided to collect all of the U.S. State Quarters for all of her grandchildren. Well, when she passed away they were almost done--Grandpa finished them and this year I opened a present from Grandma Lee.