Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May 11—Back from Vacation…I think

Okay, so after the “official” vacation I had a hard time getting off my vacation routine.  So here is an update, in photos, of what we have been up to since we left the warm weather of Cabo.

Wesley in Hat

Wesley found the rocking horse downstairs and now has a favorite new toy.

Miles w.Tattoo 2

Miles decided he needed a few tats to complete his image.


Ian made a kite at school.

Miles w.Fingers

Miles found a new way to become a T-Rex courtesy of mommy’s cake decorating tips.

Wes w.Sippy

Mommy finally got rid of the bottles and Wesley is now a sippy toting kid.

Happy Easter Card

Miles made bunny ears at pre-school and was the cutest Easter bunny ever.

Wes w.Book

Wes decided to one up his big brother and is now reading level K books.

Easter Egg 4

We dyed Easter eggs.

Easter Egg 3

Wesley poked holes in Easter eggs.

USU Spring Scrimmage

We went to the USU spring scrimmage football game.

Ian Easter

We found Easter eggs.

Wes Easter Egg Hunt

Wesley ran around with an Easter basket.

Baby Cohen

My nephew Cohen was blessed and Uncle Jake topped off the party with motorcycle rides for the nieces and nephews.

Ian Football 1

Ian scored the winning touchdown in the last 10 seconds of his first flag football game.  The wonderful April weather rained/snowed out two more games and we will now be playing football into July if the weather doesn’t shape up soon.

Mothers Day Sunflower 2

Mother’s Day was complete with homemade gifts—sunflower from Ian and soap with Miles picture on it from of course…Miles.

In the Air!

I attempted to take some fun photos of Nora’s Activity Days Girls.  They were a cute bunch.

Miles & Stu with Ducks 1

We fed the ducks and geese at Wheeler Farm.

Miles with Cracker

And in case you were wondering Miles has officially decided his favorite food group is crackers.

As far as the photographed events---

I got a sinus infection due to eating way to much chocolate on Easter so now it is antibiotics and no chocolate for me. 

No LOTOJA—we (my relay team) didn’t get in.  So I am going to train for a century and hope we can make it next year.