Saturday, August 14, 2010

June 26--A Bike Parade & A Horse Ride

(Ian with his friend Kailer)
Today was our annual Primary Bike Parade. Every year the primary kids wait for this simple activity to come around. I've been told some of them can't sleep the night before, others wake up ridiculously early, some wash their bikes and buy decorations, while others practice riding and waving. Okay I haven't heard of anyone practicing their parade wave, but the rest is true. This activity in the past has required two things--a helium tank and Popsicles. This year we threw in a couple of horses and now I bet the kids won't sleep for a week. The horses led the parade and after the parade everyone got as many horseback rides as they wanted. Some kids went back 3-4 times. Brother & Sister Warner were so great with the kids and probably would have stayed out there all day just to make them all smile. I hope this becomes a permanent part of the annual tradition.

June 25--Back to the City

Packed everybody up today and headed back to the big city. What a great break--thanks for all the help mom & dad. Here are the boys with Super Grandma and Biker Dude Grandpa. My dad is training for LOTOJA and seems to be in the biker shorts most of the time. If you look real close you can see the same squinty eyes on my Miles as on my dad. Miles actually looks like my dad's twin 60 years later. Not only do they look alike, but Miles adores my dad and would have followed him around for many more weeks if he had had his way. Maybe next year we'll drop the boys off and head to some exotic beach far far away.

July 23--New Toes, Dead Voles, & Short Grass

Started the day off with a quick 8 mile bike ride. Short, but biking in Cache Valley is glorious. No constant traffic zooming by, no traffic lights every two blocks, no gutters running through each intersection...although we did almost get ran over by the Munk's farm truck.
After the ride we (mom, Mindy, & me) went into town for pedicures. I have never had one and let me say it was the best $25.00 my mom ever spent on me. Sorry no pics, my toes still long and cheeto like, but adorned in glitter red and rhinestones.
While we were gone my dad decided to educate my boys in the ways of the country by having them hold the hose down some vole holes while he conked the voles on the head with a shovel when they ran out the other side.
After the pedicures I sat on the porch soaked up some Cache Valley sunshine, admired my dad's garden, and watched him mow the lawn with the boys. Notice the headphones that are as big as Miles head I think they were suppose to make Miles think the lawn mower was not as loud as it really was.
Can't wait to collect on this stuff when it is ready in the fall.

June 22--The Zoo, a Pile of Dirt, & 'Smores

Today we ventured out to the Cache Valley Zoo otherwise known as Willow Park. It is very small, mostly birds, ducks, a snake, a few monkey's and the star of the place a bobcat. Now most people would find this a disappointment, but not me--I love it. The kids are so impressed by the animals and never remember there is no lion or elephant. It is small and compact-no pushing the stroller 20 miles to see all the animals. It is cheap--$1.00 donation bucket at the entrance. We did a quick tour and then wrapped things up with a picnic lunch and the playground. My mom came with us and we had a fabulous time. Here is Wes--he has been in a swing before, but you would have thought this was his first ride he was full of giggles and wide eyed expressions.

Later that evening Mindy brought the girls out and the kids headed for the dirt pile. Now most Grandparents shower their grand kids with toys and treats--not my parents they buy a truckload of dirt each year for the kids to play in. The dirty bums in the photo show what a success it was.

After a roll in the dirt we had a hot dog & 'Smores roast. Growing up this would have never happened-we would have been carried away by mosquitoes. Thanks to recent mosquito abatement we can now stay outside at my parents house after 4:00 in the afternoon.

Brynn likes her mellows black!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

June 21--Camping out in the Driveway

So, we decided to take a trip up north to visit Grandma & Grandpa while Ian was off track. As soon as we got there mom whisked me away on a shopping trip and dad hunkered down to entertain three boys. After a fabulous shopping trip dad gave me the rest of the night off by loading the kids into their new camper (or "camp" as Miles calls it) and watching Jungle Book on the TV. Okay, slight revision--they started to watch Sssss.....
Okay more explanation--my dad likes bad movies. The kind of movies that never make it to the movie theater. Movies that star oversize frogs or mechanical ants, and some people who really can not act. Thanks to Netflix and the new channel THIS my dad now has an endless supply of such films. Dave decided to contribute to his bizarre movie list by giving him Sssss... a movie about a snake scientist who turns his lab partner into a snake and then the snake/lab partner eats him. So, my dad decided it would be fun to watch on the widescreen with Ian & Miles. They lasted about 15 minutes until the lab partner shed his first skin and dad opted for Jungle Book. Good choice.
Miles decided to venture inside for the night, but dad and Ian had a camp out in the camper during which Ian learned that Grandpa snores and Grandpa learned that Ian grinds his teeth.
(The photo above is of Grandpa taking the boys on a morning walk through the field.)