Friday, November 26, 2010

November 26—Some Dry Utah Snow, Two Cute Hats & Lots of Smiles

Okay—These pictures pretty much say it all.  The boys were so excited to roll around in the snow.  Miles wanted to make a snowman, but Ian said “the snow was too salty.”  Thank you to Aunt Katie for the cute monkey and lion hat they are so cute, and fit their personalities so well.

Ian in Snow 2Ian in Snow 3

Ian in Snow 4

Miles in Snow 1

Miles in Snow 4

Miles in Snow 6

November 20—A Bowling Alley, a Thomas Cake & a Happy 4 Year Old

Miles Bowling

Saturday—Finally the day of Miles “official” birthday party.  We started the evening off with a little bowling.  We won’t say who won, but let’s just say it wasn’t one of the boys!

Miles Mater Movie

Next we headed home for some pizza and some presents.  Have you seen this little movie about Mater?  It is so cute—we watched it while we chowed down on birthday dinner and cake.

Thomas Cake

And….here is the Thomas cake.  Not my finest, but defiantly better than Ian’s leaning tower of cake.  Miles kept saying “Thank you mommy, I love my birthday!”  Thank you little guy we love you your quirky personality, your big brown eyes and your love of snack foods.

Friday, November 19, 2010

November 18—A Few Birthday Candles, Some Balloons & a Trip to the Dentist…

Yes, that is what Miles got for his birthday this year.  We are going to officially celebrate on Saturday, but with the piano recital and a mouth full of cavities this little boy celebrated in a different way.  We decided to let him blow out a candle at every meal…

Miles Bday 4

for breakfast he blew out the candle in his toast…

Miles Bday 3

for lunch it was in his peanut butter sandwich…

Miles Bday

and for dinner (after the recital) in his hot dog.

Miles Bday 1

The candles were a huge hit, and the balloons from the dentist made him happy, but he did keep asking me if it was Saturday yet.  Happy Birthday little boy—tomorrow we’ll go bowling and eat “Thomas” cake.

November 18—A Few Talented Kids and a Piano

Piano Recital

Every November I get together with another piano teacher and we combine for a duet recital.  It is so fun to hear everyone play and the pieces are most impressive with twice as many hands and twice as many notes.  They all did fabulous!  And see that little guy in the tie in the front he played B-I-N-G-O with Addie (on the left) and did his mommy proud.

November 12—Look Who’s Walking!!

Wessy Walks

So proud to take those first few steps!!  Look at that toothy grin.

Wessy Walks 1

This boy has been so silly about learning this new mode of transportation.  He went from crawling to knee walking.  He would walk around on his knees and hang on my legs hoping for a ride wherever I went.  It was not unusual for me to find a smear of snot across the knees of my pants at the end of the day.  On the day shown above he finally realized it was more fun to use your feet instead of you knees.  He spent the day laughing and falling over.  He was so proud of himself that he could not contain his excitement and he would laugh until he fell over.  Now that he can get around on his own he is so happy and I have had snot free pants for that last week! Smile

November 9—Cubby Cheeks, Baby Eyebrows & a Red Hat


Announcing the arrival of Isaac Scott Mair—who has the cutest cheeks and the most expressive eyebrows!  He waited to take his first bath until I arrived for a visit.  He doesn’t even look like a newborn—no cone shaped head or that alien look that my babies have for the first few days.  What a cutie.

Isaac 3

Isaac 2

Love the cute caps that the volunteers make for the newborns.  Thanks for the quick snuggle little one.  Good job mom and dad—he is beautiful.

Ian’s Winning Photo!

December 2009 004

Here is Ian’s photo that got us a free dinner at Winger’s!  The theme for the Reflections contest was “Together We Can.”  He thought it would be fun to have Miles push Wes in the jogger to show that together we can help each other.  I told him to get in close, and he got this cute shot.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

November 5—Give a boy a camera & he’ll become a famous photographer!


The day before the Reflections contest ended I handed Ian the camera and said go take some photos that you think would work for the theme, “Together We Can.” He took a few shots of Miles pushing Wes in the jogger. He brought back the camera, we picked the best one, printed it and Walmart…and now his last minute photo is going on to the next level of competition. 

(Dave was most excited about the Wingers gift card Ian won.  We all went out to eat last Saturday.  Did you know you can get gluten free wings?  The most yummy thing I’ve had to eat in a long time!)

Good job big guy-you must have got your Grandpa & Daddy’s talent for photography.

November 4—Just wanted to say “Hi”


Reading with Ian today and everytime I peeked over the top of the book this is what I saw. 

October 31—A Vampire, a Firefighter & ?

Ian Halloween

One spoooooky vampire ready to scare up some candy.


Miles was a firefighter.  I had the most amazing Cruella De Ville costume and Wes was a puppy.  I dressed up for the ward Halloween party—took no pics.  Dressed up for Ian’s class party—took no pics.  Got a terrible sinus infection on Halloween and went to bed early—no pics.  Oh well—maybe next year!

Hope you all had a spooky one--

October 29—Cute 1st Graders, Pass the Pumpkin & a Few Witches

Beckstead Witches

Went to Ian’s class Halloween Party today.  What a cute bunch of kids.  What a amazing, creative teacher.  AND what cute warty witches—can’t wait for Ian to bring his home to hand on his wall.


October 23—A Football Game, a Downpour & a Fresh Apple Pie


Today we headed up north to visit the parents and so Dave & Ian could go to the Aggie game.  It wasn’t raining when we got there so Dave & Ian bundled up and headed out.  About 45 minutes into the game it started raining cats & dogs.  Ian had hoped it would snow because the Aggies were playing Hawaii and we all know people from Hawaii don’t know how to deal with the snow.  They do know how to handle the rain though and Dave & Ian toughed sat through a disappointing, wet game.

Meanwhile—at Grandma & Grandpa’s, my dad decided to channel him mother and make a apple pie at 8:00 at night!  He enlisted his favorite look-a-like buddy Miles to roll out dough and taste test. 

Pie w.Grandpa 2

Pie w.Grandpa 1

Of course Miles had just had a bath and my dad plopped him, clean jammmies and all, right up on the counter in the middle of the flour dust cloud.

Pie w.Grandpa

Rolling out the dough was a team effort.  It was so fun to hear my dad telling Miles how to use a pastry cutter, how to mix the dough with your fingers, and how to put even pressure on the rolling pin.

Pie w.Grandpa 3

It really was a thing of beauty.  I bet Grandma was proud!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

October 20—A Mortgage Guy, a Few Pumpkins & Some Doughnuts


Boys at Pumpkin Patch

Wes w.PumpkinsWes w.Pumpkin

So not only is our mortgage guy good at refi’s, but he’ll buy your Halloween pumpkins for you too!  It was such a fun thing for the kids-we usually grab pumpkins at the grocery store.  The weather was all fall like and perfect as we wandered through the patch looking for the “Great Pumpkin.”  Ian wanted the biggest one he could find Miles liked the really round ones.  We game home with some great finds. To top it off our pumpkin hunt ended with hot chocolate, cider and doughnuts.  So if you need a good mortgage guy or if you just need a new patch to visit give us a call.

October 16—A One Year Old, a Streak of Stubbornness & a Bowl of Applesauce

Wes at LunchWes Eating Lunch 2Wes Eating Lunch 1

Look at me I can totally feed myself!  If you try to help me I will cover my face with my hands and scream.  Give me the spoon so I can dump food all over the floor, down my shirt, and maybe I’ll get some in my mouth.  (Oh and I think it is time for a hair cut)

October 8—Do As I’m Doing

Ian & Wes

Can you see it?  These two little boys are so much alike!  Give Wes dark hair and hazel eyes and he would look just like Ian did at a year old.  Not to mention he has that same contagious intensity that Ian has—so you get the two together and everything becomes about 3X funnier and more exciting than normal.

Ian w.eyes 1

I asked Ian to go play with Wes while I did some housework and this is what he came up with!  Take window clings off window and be silly.  Wes thought it was hilarious and so he decided to copy his big brother.

Wes w.Eyes 1Wes w.Eyes 2Wes w.Eyes

October 7—A Few Witches, a Scavenger Hunt & a Cookie

Ian & Miles at VillageMiles at Village 1

Ian w.Witch

Miles at VillageMiles w.Cookies

Off to Gardiner Village to find the witches.  Ian was so excited for this tradition and Miles came home laughing about the witch with the crazy cats running around under her skirt.  We found them all and then chomped down a yummy chocolate chip cookie from the bakery (which is a gluten gourmet of torture for those of us with bad stomachs). 

October 2—A New Roof for the Neighbor=Hours of Entertainment

Crane 1

Look what we saw out the window while eating breakfast.  Can you guess how we spent the rest of the morning?


September 28—Three & Moody; One & Happy



Oh the plight of the three year old.  Poor Miles.  Whoever said the two’s were terrible did not know my boys during their 3’s.  He has his shining moments of endearment, but this expression shows how the rest of the day goes.  It’s a good thing those big brown eyes can melt his mommy’s heart.

Wes 2

Now one on the other hand seems to be a happy age at our house.  Mostly smiles and giggles from this little dude.