Sunday, April 22, 2012

April 19—No More Belly Ache




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Took Miles to the doctor a few days ago for his Kindergarten check up.  Spent some time talking to the doctor about Miles’ always upset stomach and his random need to throw up every once in awhile.  He suggested minimizing his consumption of animal products and getting rid of any processed food.  Ever since I was diagnosed with IBS we have minimized the processed food, but the kids still have store bought bread, cereal, and the snack cupboard is full of fishy crackers.  So, after our visit to the doctor we loaded up on produce and I attempted to make homemade bread.  The bread was a bit of a disaster, but I assume I will get better at it.  Miles has been a good sport.  It was good he listened to the doctor because he keeps reminding me that he can’t have anything out of a box.  We are still working on finding a milk substitute, he doesn’t like rice or almond.  I guess we will try soy next.  I will say since we started this about 5 days ago he hasn’t complained about his stomach. 

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